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Q: When can we enroll our child?

A: Open enrollment begins in January. If you have attended Little Saints in the past or are a member of All Saints you may make arrangements for early registration.

Q: Is there a wait list if a class is full?

A: Yes, we are anticipating a waitlist for the four-year-old program based on the number of returning three-year-old students who will be moving up.

Q: Can we visit your school or do you have an open house?

A: We do not have open houses scheduled during the year but we do during the summer. We encourage any interested family to come by during regular preschool hours for a visit - and bring your child with you. We do ask that visitors come after 9:30 and be finished with their visit by 12:30 on any day.

Q: My three-year-old is not yet potty-trained. Should I still register for the fall?

A: Yes, reserve your spot now! If your child is still having potty-training challenges in September we will do our best to help you through this developmental time - even though we are not licensed for nor do we have diapering capabilities. What we will do is assist you during this time and if it becomes necessary for your child to stay at home a while longer, we will work with you to make appropriate tuition adjustments.

Q: Do you send home report cards?

A: We do not send home traditional 'report cards' but we do send home developmental checklists and communicate with you regularly on your child's classroom progress. You will receive periodic individualized notes home, a year-end progress summary, and you will receive samples of your childs work that is taken at the beginning, middle, and end of the year. This allows you to track your child's progress in a variety of ways.
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