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Little Saints Christian School
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SCHOOL CLOSING  We follow Hartland Schools closing policy.  If they are closed we are closed.  Weather related closings will be announced on your local news and WHMI 93.5. 


Classroom sizes are limited to:
• 4-year-old class has a maximum of 20 students  with two teachers

* Young 5's has a maximum of 15 with two teachers
• 3-year-old classes have a maximum of 12 students, with two teachers


The down payment, and any/all monies paid to Little Saints are non-refundable.


Our staff must have written authorization from a parent for anyone, other than the parent, to pick-up a child. We may not put a child in any car other than their parent’s car without dated/written permission from the parent. Each written permission slip must be taken out to the car line on the given day for verification. The permission slip list is in your child’s classroom each morning.

EXCEPTION: If a child rides home with the same carpool everyday, we will accept that in writing (once) at the beginning of the routine. If the routine is going to change on any given day, we must have the change in writing, dated and signed by the parent.

For lunch bunch pick-up, you must bring your car sign when picking up your child. We will verify that this is your sign – and that the carrier is the appropriate person to release your child to, in order to sign your child out.


Children like to be independent, and often this independence manifests itself in the outfits they choose to wear. Their clothing should be appropriate for the weather, yet not constrictive or elaborate. Children enjoy the ability to fasten, button, and snap their own clothes. Make sure clothing is washable; we will have many messy “hands on” projects. Also it is helpful if the outfits are such that children can handle themselves for bathroom purposes.

An extra set of clothing is required (pants, shirt, underwear and socks), and will be kept until the end of the year. Please mark all clothing and personal belongings with the first and last name of your child.

SHOES are an important part of your child’s clothing and should be chosen carefully. Playground time invites the use of comfortable, well-fitting tennis or closed-toe shoes only. SANDALS and FLIP-FLOPS are not permitted and SOCKS are always a must!

In the cold winter months, please send clothing that will allow your child to play outdoors. We will go outdoors as often as possible and use the safety guideline of >20◦ F as the requirement to play outdoors. PLEASE send the appropriate apparel and label ALL mittens/gloves, boots, hats, and scarves.


The preschool years are very important in the development of personality and self-esteem. Because each child is testing his/her own methods of behavior, no definite or absolute set of rules can be established at this age level. Children will be taught that all children are special to God and in-turn, will learn to love and to respect one another. Teachers will work individually with their class and parents to set guidelines for age appropriate behavior. 

Parents will be informed if problems of behavior arise. For each offense an “OOPS Note” will be sent home that describes the incidence and also outlines future consequences if the undesired behavior continues. Teacher and parents will work together on necessary behavior modification, asking the Lord’s guidance in all that is said and done.

The director will be notified of any persistent misbehavior, and parents will be asked to meet with the teacher and director if necessary. Continued misbehavior or class disruption will be documented and may result in expulsion. Please note that any child needing a disproportionate amount of the teacher’s time may be asked to leave our school. Also, any child who is harming and/or injuring other children may be asked to leave our school. An uncooperative spirit from the parents of a child may also result in a decision to withdraw a child from our school.


Celebration Programs 

During the season of Christmas we have a program where the children have an opportunity to share with their families some of the songs and even a dance that they have prepared in celebration of the birth of Jesus. This event has proven to be  "standing room" only as families crowd to hear what their children have learned.

At the conclusion of the school year there is a closing program that includes a graduation ceremony for the Young 5's and four-year-old students. This program is enjoyed by families of all age groups.


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