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Weekly Chapel

Each week the children attend a 15 minute chapel that is led by the Pastor. The Pastor creatively teaches the children the weekly Bible lesson and also leads them in song. Two times during the course of the school year the children attend a Sunday morning worship service and sing the songs that they have learned during chapel. They do such a wonderful job!

The children are asked to bring a weekly offering to give during chapel. Each year the chapel money is donated to a variety of different organizations - both locally and around the world. These charities are selected by gathering input from families, staff, and the preschool board. In the past money has been given to help purchase a piece of property for a new preschool that is growing in a small village in Costa Rica, to provide Vacation Bible School materials and supplies for children in Costa Rica, to Compassion International, and to help send children in need to local camps.


The Yoga Center in Brighton comes once a month to help the children increase flexibility doing yoga designed for their little bodies! This class is included with tuition!


This is the early literacy program that is used at Little Saints. The feedback we have received from parents is absolutely incredible. We've even gotten thank you phone calls from parents of Kindergartners - indicating that their child is reading well ahead of their classmates, and they believe it is due to Little Saints and Zoophonics. For more information on this incredible program visit


Ms. Shannon comes to teach our young ones elements of drama. It's a wonderful introduction to the world of acting and is often tied to literacy. So far this year the kids have acted out stories such as "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See" and "The Mitten."


Once or twice each month all children at Little Saints have the opportunity to participate in a creative dance class. This class is full of energetic and uplifting secular and Christian music. Miss Ginny from Ginny's Danceworks comes on-site to conduct these classes and they are a favorite among all the children.
All of these activities are INCLUDED in tuition!!!

Motor Moms and Dads

Motor Moms and Dads is a program that allows children to participate in physical activities that enhance learning success. This program is a parent led initiative that provides children with opportunities to improve the motor skills they need to be academically successful. This program is currently offered in over 400 different elementary and preschools across Michigan and is designed for children aged 3-7. Little Saints is belssed to have enough parents available to offer this program to children several times each week.
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